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About Caffeine Cam's

Like all great stories, the tale of Caffeine Cam's begins in an entirely unexpected place: a vending machine. Looking for a new hobby and a bit of extra income, Cameron Friesen decided a few years ago to try something different and purchase a few vending machines that would offer the sweet and salty snacks he had come to love.

Our story might have come to a halt at this point, were it not for a chance afternoon he spent one day on eBay looking at some of the products he sold out of his machines. What he found was that not only were a few people offering them online, but there were hundreds -- and maybe thousands -- of people who had grown up in Canada, or spent some time there, desperately searching for a way to order some of the products and tastes they remembered, but couldn't get outside of the country.

Cam started offering a few of his vending machine snacks online, selling Canadian products like Nestlé, Doritos, McCormick's, Lays, Old Dutch Chips, and others. It didn't take long before word spread and business took off. He soon added a small storage area to his home and got his wife, Irene, and their two children involved.

These days, Caffeine Cam's is the number one Internet destination for Canadians, Americans, and others living abroad who find themselves with a craving they just can't satisfy on their local supermarket shelves. Shipping to the United States, Europe, and other points around the globe, this small family owned-and-operated enterprise still has just one mission: to make friends, and deliver the freshest tastes, one package at a time.