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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there really a Caffeine Cam? Is Caffeine Cam's truly Canadian?
Yes and yes. Check out the About Caffeine Cam's page to read our story.

Are your products really fresh?
Absolutely! We use a "just-in-time" inventory system and a small storage space, meaning that your products never sit on the shelf for weeks or months before we ship them to you.

Do you ship to other parts of Canada?
Yes we do. If you can't find a particular product on your local supermarket shelves, Caffeine Cam's is happy to help out. We regularly ship to every province in Canada.

Do you ship your products from the United States, or from Canada?
Both. If you live in Canada, we will ship your products from the Canadian Post Office. Because we are located only 7 miles from the United States border, we ship orders to the states and beyond from the US (North Dakota), so that you can receive your products with the lowest possible time and expense.

Why do you charge tax? Can't you ship my order as a gift?
Sorry, but even though Caffeine Cam's is a small, family-owned and operated business, we are a registered corporation in Canada, and work hard to stay out of trouble by doing everything by the book. That means we charge taxes when we have to, but also that your products don't get held up in customs, and that you can receive your order guilt-free without any worry about unpaid duty or taxes.

What taxes will I pay on my order?
Customers who reside in Manitoba will have to pay both provincial (PST) and federal (GST) taxes on their purchases. Canadian buyers outside Manitoba pay only GST taxes, and international buyers are only responsible for import duties levied by their local governments.

How long will it take my order to reach me?
There's no set answer to this question, but in general, we try to process and ship every order between two and five business days. While we always aim for speed, seasonal issues (like winter storms and the December holiday mail rush) can affect fulfillment and delivery times. In addition, if you pay via check or money order, we will wait to ship until we have verified receipt of your funds. If you need your product by a specific date (like a birthday or holiday), consider placing an order for future delivery -- we are happy to help!

What is your satisfaction guarantee?
At Caffeine Cam's, we have helped thousands of other people just like you to get the freshest Canadian products as quickly as possible. If there is anything at all about your order shipment that was unexpected, simply get in touch with us. We will do whatever we can to make sure you are happy with your experience with us -- your satisfaction is our number one priority!

What if I can't find what I'm looking for on your website?
Simply contact us and let us know what it is you're looking for. The chances are good we can find it and ship it to you within a week.

Can I order a gift card from Caffeine Cam's?
Yes. If you have a friend or loved one living far from Canada and want to surprise them, a gift card from Caffeine Cam's makes a thoughtful and useful gesture. All our gift cards are offered as redeemable codes, which means they are easily entered at checkout -- it's never been easier to send someone a little taste of home.

What is your return policy?
At Caffeine Cam's, we want your experience with us to be entirely trouble-free. If there is ever a problem with your order, simply contact us to arrange for a refund, exchange, or new delivery. Please understand, however, that we cannot accept opened packages of food, drinks, and other products for refunds. The exception to this would be products that have been heavily damaged in shipping. Please take care to examine your delivery on the day it arrives, so that we can be made aware of any problems right away.
Also note that we cannot be responsible for products that have been melted or damaged by temperature and shipping. Please ensure that your package does not sit outside in the sun on delivery day. Please help us fix any packing or shipping errors. You can help Caffeine Cam's by including photos of your damaged package with your return. By seeing where your order went wrong, we can change our packing or shipping policies to avoid future problems.

Return procedure

All returns and refunds must be approved in advance. Any claims (such as erroneous items in your shipment, damage to the contents, etc.) must be made within 60 days of your order placement. Caffeine Cam's will charge a 35% restocking fee on all pre-approved return merchandise.

We will refund the cost of your products, minus restocking and shipping charges, when the return is approved and has been received a new (salable) condition. To qualify, individual packages must be unopened. Caffeine Cam's is not responsible for the cost of shipping back to our warehouse, unless the product was either defective or different from the items ordered. This does not include packages that have been redesigned by the manufacturer -- remember, food and drink companies may change the "look" of their products at anytime.

Please ensure that you have in fact received something other than what you ordered prior to contacting us for a refund; we will not be responsible for manufacturer changes in packaging that may not exactly match our photographer description.

If you have questions about these policies or procedures, please feel free to contact us.